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Shanghai Luxface Industry Co.,Ltd is recognized as the leading resin panels manufacturer in the world which was founded in 2007. Luxface company is located in Shanghai, and its sister brand Luxface target market is high-end hotel, casino, restaurant, shopping mail and residential projects that have used in a wide variety of applications including partitions, door inserts, ceilings, wall cladding, furniture, lighting, countertops and signage. Luxface team has worked together on large scale projects ranging from the China to all over the world.
Luxface offer 7 high performance panels: Luxform, Luxtone, LuxcoreLuxice, Luxglass, Luxlighting and Luxsurface. This seven series can display numerous of panels for interior environments application. The architects and designers would widen their imagination to combine color and materials to create their design which show wonderful performance.
Luxface is a leader in policies and practices designed to protect the biosphere, conserve natural resources and reduce waste. We are committed to helping safeguard all natural habitats and local communities. We strive to make the most efficient and responsible use of renewable resources, including water, soil and forests, and to conserve natural resources.
We specialize in resin panels!
Luxform resin panels can be utilized as a design element in any interior or exterior architectural design context to creat provocative,stunning spaces.
Luxform unique resin offers you various interlayers elements,patterns, textures,colors and finishes to bring you the absolute visual impact.
Luxtone selects a variety of clear polymer material,based on stringent criteria, to which a matte finish and fingerprint-block coating is applied.Luxtone is a bold solid translucent surface saturated with luminous color,durable and light transmitting medium developed. 
Luxtone can match any color,without a minimum requirement or any extra cost, and they can vary the amount of translucency within the material. 
Luxtone are the key to the realisation of unique design concepts that affect everybody in a positive way. The luxtone catch the eye, they form islands of light, they create pleasant highlights, and they give an emotionally colorful touch.
Luxcore is a innovative resin panel that combination of the honeycomb structure and resin panels completely into the architecture and attracts the glances of the viewers. 
The innovative interlayer core “Honeycomb” differs from the others in the range, it is extremely flexible in how it can be used, combines easily with individual items, and is ideal for public, private, and corporate spaces.
An artful construction formed from crystal prisms and lit from within by an interlayer core, this work is described by the artist as a huge block of ice, floating in the air, glittering from inside and out. 
Luxglass offer translucent crystal clear structure encapsulating a variety of decorative interlayer to vary levels of translucency. A variety of interlayers like natural material, textiles or color can be chose. The beauty and performance of Luxglass makes strong stereo for horizontal applications.
Luxlighting offer our design to customer’s specifications. Luxlighting can be adapted to interior applications in many forms and sizes. They are made from our translucent resin panels like textile, botanic materials or custom colored.
Luxlighing shows perfect illuminate performance to commercial and residential environments, like seating areas, public spaces, and dining and conference rooms.
Luxsurface is Metal-like resin that displays the appearance of painted surface without processing the painting step. Luxsurface resin panel is use for different surface to improving the appearance of their own one.

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